Hypnotic Upcoming 30Birds Is Cubic Persian Poetry

Inspired by Persian artwork and set in a sky-bound lantern city, 30Birds is a visual and conceptual marvel. Calling itself “kinda FEZ like but not ortho,” 30Birds is a painted adventure that recently enjoyed an Honorable Mention from the A MAZE Berlin Awards. Belgium-based developer ram ram describes 30Birds with the following:

“30Birds is a poetic and humorous adventure game which casually mixes oriental fairy tales with modern mystery. It is set in an enchanting painted world where 2D and 3D complement each other in a unique way.”

Once an art-exhibition experiment, now a full-fledged game, 30Birds sees players exploring a vibrant universe populated by djinn and humans alike. Here, protagonist Zig’s phone is the key to success–players must discover all 30 avian contacts before Zig can wake the sleeping goddess. Ride flying carpets, travel ethereal tramways, and make surreal friends in the wildly wonderful world that 30Birds promises. No release date is on tap for ram ram’s lovely piece, but it’s likely we can at least expect to see it land on PC when it does materialize.