LunarLux Demo Rockets into Orbit March 14

LunarLux, currently in development by Nobab Moinuddin, is an upcoming pixel adventure set in the great, starry beyond. On February 28, Nobab Moinuddin thrilled followers with the meteor blow of the following announcement: a free demo was to launch on March 14 for PC. LunarLux summarizes itself thus:

“It is the Year 30XX; a time where humanity has successfully colonized and terraformed the moon! Join Lunar Warrior, Bella, and her robot sidekick, Tetra, in their quest to protect the people of Luna from the mysterious Murks!”

Looking to claim more starstruck fans for the final release, the demo for LunarLux will highlight its hybrid turn-based and action-focused RPG gameplay. The people of the luminous Moon Colony need Bella’s help, and you’re just the person to guide her to a cosmic victory. The demo opens on March 14 for PC and features the tantalizing contents of Chapter 1.