Defend Your Salvation in Frostpunk: The Last Autumn, Coming Jan. 21

If the real-world chill of winter hasn’t satiated your appetite for the frozen and for the grim, Frostpunk and its trio of DLC expansions undoubtedly will. Frostpunk is 11 bit studios‘s morose masterpiece, originally released in April 2018. A set of three paid expansions were promised on top of Frostpunk‘s free Winterhome DLC, available either with a season pass or through individual purchases. The Rifts was the first of these to release, launching in August of 2019. Now The Last Autumn, the second of the three, is upon us. The Last Autumn is described with the following:

“Learn about the tragic turn of events that lead to the grim world of Frostpunk in the prequel expansion, The Last Autumn. Vastly expanding upon the Frostpunk universe by introducing a brand new scenario, the expansion content also introduces game-changing new mechanics, unique architecture, and broaden’s the game’s deep lore and narrative.”

The third expansion, Project TVADGYCGJR, has an unknown 2020 release date. The Last Autumn features a prequel story that builds on the morbid structure of Frostpunk‘s main narrative. You, the leader of Site 113, are responsible for the successful construction of the generator, the one thing keeping the future alive. Frostpunk is a city-building RTS that tests your resolve, your leadership, and your morality as you struggle to protect some lives at the cost of others. The Last Autumn promises all the original gameplay and more–new laws, new buildings, new environments…and new people to fail spectacularly over and over again. The Last Autumn releases for PC on January 21.