Touchscreen-Only Cerulean Moon Looks Forward to 2020 Release

Jump, scamper, and fall without ever smashing a button in the upcoming Cerulean Moon, a platformer currently in development by Madrid-based Nachobeard. Shunning the leap propelled traditionally by X or A, Cerulean Moon is a “jumpless” platformer, a title that looks to exploit and master the opportunities provided by the touchscreen in everyone’s pocket. Nachobeard describes Cerulean Moon with the following:

“Cerulean Moon is a jumpless platformer. In this game you don’t move the main character directly, but instead use your finger to slide the world under the main character’s feet. This control scheme allows for great expressiveness and has significant gameplay implications, making the game feel like a platformer even though there’s no jump button.”

Richly crafted with inspired pixel art, Cerulean Moon features a petite masked heroine and backdrops of curious ancient ruins. Cerulean Moon is planned for a 2020 release on mobile devices, but is designed to make use of controllers with touch capabilities as well.