Newly Announced Bonfire Peaks Ignites Screens May 5

UPDATE (4/29/2021): The release date for Bonfire Peaks has changed since this original article.

Kindle your imagination with the visual marvel that is the freshly announced Bonfire Peaks. Montreal-based Corey Martin, developer of Pipe Push Paradise and Hiding Spot, let loose the announcement trailer for Bonfire Peaks on January 16 through a Twitter post. Puzzler Bonfire Peaks is described with the following minimalist summary:

“A difficult open world puzzle game about climbing mysterious ruins and setting fire to your belongings.”

Little else is stated or shown to illuminate specific details about the gameplay—however, some type of sentimental experience is promised, and the whole piece is to be swathed in a style of voxel art that immediately arrests the eye. Bonfire Peaks is planned for a PC release on May 5.