Cat Lady Gets Chilly Cheery Early Access Update for December

On December 19, Portland-based Rose City Games‘s Cat Lady enjoyed a free wintry update to its Early Access download on Steam. Dubbed the Chilly Cheery Update, this fresh blizzard of content includes a new area called Grandma’s Freezer, a new boss, new enemies, new power-ups, and a few other miscellaneous changes to things like shop prices. The base Cat Lady game itself is described thus:

“What a cat-astrophe, Grandma’s mansion has been cursed! Ally must team up with Granny’s many cats, who have gained magical abilities, to pound and paw perilous poltergeists in the newly-haunted abode. Explore enchanted areas, rescue cats, and upgrade your kitty companions to save the day!”

Currently in Early Access, Cat Lady‘s Chilly Cheery Update is the second flurry of changes to blanket the title. The first storm to hit was the Super Chonky Update in November, and since Cat Lady became available in Early Access in October, it’s likely the sassy action adventure will continue to receive large-scale updates on a similar schedule moving forward. Dog lovers, take heart–you don’t actually have to be a cat lady to curl up with this endearing rogue-like.