Barricade Your Base in Extinction Protocol, Planned for Spring 2020

Currently in development by Prague-based studio DrawblackExtinction Protocol is a stylish sidescrolling foray into the base-building strategy genre. In a post-apocalyptic land riddled with mystery and ancient technologies, wage war on an endless tide of faceless foes. Extinction Protocol describes itself with the following:

“Extinction Protocol is a minimalist take on the strategy genre where you take control over a construction drone armed only with a transport hook. Explore the wasteland, build your defenses and survive endless attacks of war machinery.”

Maneuver your lone construction drone to victory or defeat as the violent hordes splash up and over your barricades. Will you expend yourself hunting for new and undiscovered resources? Or will you plaster yourself to your own walls, determined to see each day through to its bitter end? Garbed in sci-fi raiment that’s candy for the eyes, Extinction Protocol is a brightly promising strategy indie lurking somewhere just beyond the horizon. It’s slated, as of now, to launch on PC sometime in the second quarter of next year.