Upcoming Among Trees Is an Ethereal Sandbox Survival Sim

Swallowed by Sweden’s rich woodlands–surrounded by that which creeps knowingly into their game–is a three-person studio named FJRD Interactive. For almost two years, FJRD Interactive has been quietly at work, bringing the beauty of Sweden’s lush forests into a digital form. Among Trees is the breathtaking work they’ve wrought, and it’s summarized simply with the following:

“Among Trees is a small vibrant survival sandbox, set in a colorful wilderness world teeming with life.”

While it’s somewhat difficult to believe danger lurks in the ethereal woods presented by Among Trees‘s trailer, it’s indeed described as a survival simulator. Something…or someone?…must be lurking behind those radiantly beautiful vistas. On July 3, FJRD Interactive announced the sale of closed pre-alpha keys to interested players looking to support the fledgling title. Available keys have all been sold out, according to the Among Trees website, and if we’re lucky, that points towards a 2020 Early Access or full release. Among Trees is currently slated for launch on PC only.