Duru, Launching Aug. 2020, Delves Artfully into Depression

Developed by Berlin-based Twisted Ramble GamesDuru is a puzzle platformer that probes the psyche with a gently artful touch. Twisted Ramble Games’s mission statement includes telling “stories about stigmatized topics to strengthen mental health awareness,” making it no surprise that the seemingly unassuming Duru might dare to drag the shadow of depression into the light. Duru is summarized thus:

“Duru is a 2D Puzzle Platformer set in a west-african inspired mole rat colony. While solving puzzles with an AI companion that works with and against them, players follow the story of Tuli, a story about the struggle with insecurities, darkness and friendship. She shows her thoughts in pictures so players can learn about her mental illness on an intuitive level and witness how other mole rats deal with it.”

Conquer platforming challenges that sometimes require the help of your ghoulish companion…and sometimes require outsmarting your ghoulish companion. Duru is currently planned for a PC launch in August 2020, with Switch and mobile releases coming later.