Spoopy AFTERLIFE Demo Hits the Right Chord for October

The AFTERLIFE demo by One Tapps Games is an adorably eerie humorfest perfect for October. A “3D RPG animated with 2D sprites,” AFTERLIFE subverts expectations with self-aware humor and gleefully smashes through the fourth wall on the regular. The full title is currently in development, inspired by the success of the original–and still available–demo. AFTERLIFE is summed up with the following:

“You are a soul who just arrived into the Afterlife and needs to go back to Life. As you play, you find out you are not the only one looking for a way to return from Death…”

Gameplay includes real-time combat that sees players dodging attacks and firing at insolent enemies. Explore a monochromatic world full of surprises, charm, and frequently macabre comedy. The demo is a brief experience that really only whets your appetite for the completed product, but as the AFTERLIFE‘s developer is just one person, it may be some time yet before we’re satiated with the full plate. Regardless, for a rare October delight, you can’t do much better than this sassy, spoopy demo.