Edmund McMillen’s The Legend of Bum-Bo Releases Nov. 12

If you’ve ever thought to yourself that 2011’s The Binding of Isaac needed just a little more deck building to be a perfect game, November 12 is your early Christmas. Edmund McMillen and James Interactive went co-op on this fascinatingly unexpected fusion called The Legend of Bum-BoThe Legend of Bum-Bo is flawlessly summed up by the developers’ following description:

“A puzzle based deck building rogue-like prequel to The Binding of Isaac… Made of cardboard!”

All of the macabre The Binding of Isaac humor, art, and even music seems to make an appearance in this prequel, but the gameplay may catch some by surprise. While still a self-determined “rogue-like,” The Legend of Bum-Bo focuses on item collection and combos in the form of decks. The world also boasts a new cardboard aesthetic (that’s not an insult–it literally looks like cardboard). Given McMillen’s work on and passion for The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls, a tabletop card game, we suppose this latest evolution in The Binding of Isaac universe isn’t too unexpected. Initially The Legend of Bum-Bo will launch on just PC, but later releases for iOS and Switch are planned.