Graveyard Keeper – Stranger Sins Appears Just in Time for Halloween

What better way to spend the early onset of Halloween than in the company of spooky locals, hearty ale, and ghostly graves? Studio Lazy Bear Games of Graveyard Keeper fame releases the second DLC, Stranger Sins, for their spoopy original title in just two days. The DLC is described with the following:

“In the first big storyline DLC you will have to build your own tavern and dive into the past of the world of Graveyard Keeper. Discover secrets of the locals. Find out more about the ruins are in the Village. What is the ancient curse? Where did the Ancient Contract come from?”

The first DLC for Graveyard Keeper came out last October and was called Breaking Dead. It gave players the ability to resurrect bodies into loyal minion interns that could be forced to do all the undesirable chores around the place. While Breaking Dead was folded directly into the main game, Stranger Sins is a separate download that offers more than a single new gimmick. It expands on the universe of Graveyard Keeper, fleshing out (pun intended) its locals and dredging up the dirty laundry of a village that’s seen much but spoken little. Look for the new, free DLC come October 28th on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch.