Assemble Your Arsenal in Sparklite, Launching Nov. 14

Developed by North Carolina-based studio Red Blue GamesSparklite is a spunky pixel title coming to a slew of screens on November 14. Wage war against the greedy Baron in the world of Sparklite, a place where Sparklite is an energy life force and the Baron is a villain intent on consuming it all for himself. Combat the pollution that spreads due to his irresponsible mining and save the Sparklite core before the world has breathed its last. Says Red Blue Games of their suspiciously relevant title:

“Sparklite is an action-adventure set in a whimsical and ever-changing land. Battle foes in top-down action using an arsenal of gadgets, guns, and gear. Explore dangerous corners of the procedurally generated world, take down titans of the mining industry, and save the Sparklite!”

Sparklite releases in just a handful of weeks for Switch, PC, Xbox One, and PS4 (you know–everything). It features classical adventure gameplay fused with procedural generation and delicious pixel charm. Red Blue Games consists of just three developers and has been working on Sparklite for roughly four years. Already recognized by shows like PAX West 2019, Sparklite is poised to be the fall fodder that makes staying indoors all the more desirable.