Free Prologue for Upcoming Dystopian Backbone Now Playable

Take the bait and feel its hook sink into you with studio EggNut‘s pixel-art BackbonePrologue, live since April 24. Backbone is a dystopian point-and-click that follows private eye Howard Lotor as he navigates his way through an alternate Vancouver and its many mysteries and malignancies. The prologue was released on Steam as a demo, proffering players a taste of the grandly grim tale that awaits in the upcoming full version. Backbone: Prologue describes itself with the following:

“Backbone: Prologue is the demo of an upcoming noir-inspired detective adventure. As raccoon private eye Howard Lotor, sniff out clues, collect evidence, interrogate witnesses, and explore beautiful pixel art version of dystopian Vancouver, BC.”

Backbone itself is due sometime in 2020 on Steam, but details are as scanty as the clues Howard seeks. While the primary gameplay revolves around the standard point-and-click style, EggNut promises a fresh fusion, combining exploration and stealth mechanics in order to devise something new. Backbone: Prologue is a free-to-play demo, making it an easy impulse “buy” for any evening needing a dash of heady anthropomorphic noir.