Breathe Life into a City Above the Clouds in Upcoming Airborne Kingdom

By necessity, city-builders normally remain grounded. The Wandering Band‘s Airborne Kingdom, however, refuses the standard design for city management, and instead takes to the skies, embracing a lofty mechanic that rises to a whole new level. Literally. Travel airborne across parched lands as you expand and nourish your floating city and the tribe giving it life. Airborne Kingdom describes itself with the following:

“Take a fantastical journey — fly the desert and build your domain. Airborne Kingdom uniquely blends city management and exploration, with a world and lore all its own. Build housing, gather food, satisfy needs, and grow your tribe. Maintain lift, discover resources, and explore the desert for lost technologies.”

Maps are randomly generated, providing innumerable opportunities to start anew and experiment with different strategies and techniques. Attract the eyes of the masses below with your city, or remain aloof and minimalist– it’s up to you to decide. Airborne Kingdom will release on Steam sometime this year, providing players with a clever and  soaring take on the city-management genre.