Scavenge the Savage Seas in Upcoming City-Builder Flotsam

Belgium-based studio Pajama Llama has long been massaging Flotsam into a full-blown title from its humble origins as a simple city-building idea. Flotsam is a survival indie set upon the open seas, illustrated in a charming sketch style and swimming in punny humor. Manage your town and its inhabitants as you navigate unforgiving oceans, collecting garbage in order to build your floating paradise. Flotsam describes itself with:

“Flotsam is a survival town-builder, set in a flooded world. You manage a floating village community as it moves around the ocean. You recycle garbage and scrap to construct buildings and collect fish and drinkable water to keep your villagers alive. On your journey you will encounter dangerous sea animals, visitors with unknown intentions and mysterious ruins and wreckages.”

Flotsam has been promised to us in Early Access form sometime this year, and Pajama Llama’s recent excursion to EGX Rezzed 2019 bodes well for the fulfillment of that promise. When it does surface from the inky depths, Flotsam will release on Steam and Humble for PC. For a game about garbage, it’s certain Flotsam isn’t trash. Keep an eye on the Pajama Llama Twitter for further news.