Combo-Combat JRPG Gravastar in Development by Studio Atma

Seattle-based Studio Atma is hard at work, steadily chiseling away at a block of granite– underneath which lies a potentially phenomenal new indie escapade. Inspired by JRPGs of yore like Chrono Trigger and Final FantasyGravastar is a bright and beautiful adventure into the world of Aethera. Play as the orphan Baird, a young boy who’s only just discovered a secret that ties him to the stars. Punch foes and save the universe in Gravastar, which describes itself thus:

“Gravastar is a sci-fi fantasy JRPG (Japanese-style Role Playing Game) for PC and consoles that combines a traditional JRPG aesthetic with a unique and fast-paced, turn-based battle system inspired by 2D arcade fighting games. The battle system in Gravastar is set apart from traditional turn-based JRPGs by its real-time button-combo input system. Alter the flow of battle, master your character’s movesets, build enormous combos, and string together chains to dispatch your foes.”

Mash combos and set out on an expedition across a lovingly crafted land in Gravastar, currently planned for release on PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and PC. There’s no word of a launch date yet, but Studio Atma regularly gives fans the teases they need in the form of streams and Twitter announcements.