Darkest Dungeon 2 Announced in Teaser Trailer

With the Hollow Knight: Silksong announcement ringing freshly in our ears, it was a flabbergasting, exhilarating surprise to have the lauded Red Hook Studios announce an upcoming sequel of their own: Darkest Dungeon 2Darkest Dungeon has already enjoyed a swath of DLCs (The Color of Madness, The Crimson Court, The Shieldbreaker), but this entry is to be an entirely full title, swimming in the delightfully macabre mayhem of the original, but intending to carve a name for itself as something new.

Red Hook Studios published their teaser trailer in a wordless Tweet on February 19, launching Darkest Dungeon fans into a gibbering fever of excitement. Little is known about Darkest Dungeon 2, but what is certain is that it will come to players in Early Access first, and will feature restructured systems in both metagame and combat. Most significantly, your story is no longer stationary — instead, you’ll be on a harrowing journey that’ll needle your mettle and test your endurance.

The first Darkest Dungeon was a smash hit, and there’s no doubt that its sequel will be equally grueling, mortifying, and satisfying. For instantaneous news, raving enthusiasts, keep a close eye on the Darkest Dungeon Twitter. Who knows what Red Hook Studios may have up its sleeve for future announcements?