Fall for Virtual Pet Sim Noa Noa this Valentine’s Day

Once a Ludum Dare hatchling, now a full-fledged mobile title, Noa Noa is the delightful game-ception pet sim coming to iOS on February 14. In an unmistakable throwback to the Tamagotchi games of yore, Noa Noa recreates the virtual pet simulator experience…in a simulator. It’s as quirky and endearing as it sounds, and promises gameplay that does far more than merely summon up fuzzy feelings of nostalgia. Noa Noa describes itself with the following:

“Noa Noa is a free virtual pet collector where you can raise, interact with, and play with more than 30 cute and bubbly digital creatures.”

Noa Noa, developed by Wildergames and Noodlecake Studios, is slated for a free release on iOS on Valentine’s Day. Come February 14, customize your avatar, discover new environments, and collect digital cuties like there’s no tomorrow — all from your mobile virtual-virtual device.