16-bit Mecha RPG Chained Echoes Now Live on Kickstarter

After more than two years of grueling solo development, Germany-based Matthias Linda‘s 16-bit mecha charmer has finally been ushered onto center stage. Chained Echoes (formerly The Grand Grimoire) hit Kickstarter February 5, and is thus far on a trajectory that will ensure a roaring victory at the Kickstarter finish line. Chained Echoes is a lushly animated love letter to classical JRPGs that fuses traditional fantasy elements with rip-roaring mech fights and sky-swallowing airships. On February 5, Matthias Linda (otherwise known as Ark Heiral) posted the following on his Twitter account:

“After working on this game for 2 1/2 years I can finally announce: CHAINED ECHOES IS LIVE ON KICKSTARTER! Please support us by retweeting or sharing, here or on any other place that could be interested!”

A turn-based battle system fleshes out the combat, complemented by a delectable smorgasbord of quests, mini-games, and dungeons. As in any classical RPG, customize your gameplay with skills and equipment, and loot to your thieving heart’s content. We spoke with Linda last August about his then-entitled The Grand Grimoire, and it’s a true pleasure to witness his hard work and dedication at last flower and bear fruit.