AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected’s String of System Releases Starts Feb. 5

Starting February 5, AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected begins its series of releases on a multitude of different systems. PS4 gets pull position with the February 5 launch, Switch follows soon after on the 7, Xbox One claims the 8, and PC has the sad short end of the stick with a release on the 13. Developed by Paris-based Aurelien Regard GamesAWAY: Journey to the Unexpected is host to a gorgeous anime aesthetic, cleverly combined with humorous FPS gameplay in a quirky, fantastical world. AWAY says of itself:

“Welcome to a feel-good FPS! A colorful adventure combining action, negotiation and rogue-lite elements. You play as a kid that is neither a hero nor a warrior. Yet with the power of friendship, you will overcome every obstacle in your way!”

With the unusually snarky winter weather snapping at our heels and windowpanes, AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected is poised to brightly illuminate our dreary February days. By the 13, it’ll be available on your system of choice, proffering a friendly romp through a universe brimming with character, color, and charm– not something every FPS title can safely claim.