EXIT 73 Studios Is Developing Top-Down Cartoon Cavort #BLUD

Ultra violent, delightfully sassy, and hilariously animated, EXIT 73 Studios‘s cartoon romp #BLUD is a title oozing with bloodsucking potential. Currently in development, #BLUD‘s been demoed a handful of times to a few lucky audiences, and shown off in many more instances on EXIT 73 Studios’s live streams. #BLUD follows the story of a Becky, a young vampire hunter that’s far from being faint of heart. On March 18 of last year, the studio had this to say on their blog:

“Exit 73 has slowly been testing and playing with making a top down adventure game. We have very little Unity knowledge, but thankfully our friends do! We have been playing with a fun cartoony style to match against an ultra violent idea about a young vampire hunter from an original concept we have.”

Information on #BLUD, unfortunately, is as spotty as a pack of Dalmatians. What systems it might release for and when are a complete mystery, and even rummaging up gameplay details is surprisingly difficult. Regardless, there’s more than enough here to whet our appetites for the smashingly good time that inevitably awaits in #BLUD. For instantaneous news and streams on development, keep a sharp eye on EXIT 73’s active Twitter.