Eradicate a Demonic Infestation in Hand-Animated The Other Half

Top-down RPG The Other Half shrugs off expectations of civility and cheerfulness and boldly assumes a mantle of seriousness, violence, and ruination. Featuring a deceptively lovely hand-animated art style, The Other Half may draw you in with its magnetism, but be warned — once drawn close, you’re caught, and you’ll be enmeshed in a story far deeper, and far more perturbing, than you were perhaps expecting. The Other Half calls itself a “dark fantasy adventure” in which:

“A Demon Hunter receives a letter from Daniel, a man begging for help against a demonic infestation from the mountain that he calls home. The Hunter, in a search for him through the cold and abandoned world, will discover a twisted tale of intimacy and violence of the past, and must use that knowledge to purge the demons from the once-beautiful land.”

The narrative is so central to this peculiar indie that developer and publisher Studio Egg Roll invested in an Optional Narrative Mode, where the pacing of the story is wholly preserved from the potential stumble-start of players regarding the precision combat. The Other Half released on Steam November 2, and continues to surprise and enthrall players who happen across its brooding path this gloomy November season.