Upcoming Knights and Bikes Draws Inspiration from The Goonies

Knights and Bikes, upcoming adventure indie by studio Foam Sword, proffers of fusion of food for the soul, the smile, and the game-hungry paws. Illustrated with a flabbergastingly charming and quirky style of hand-painted art, Knights and Bikes promises an experience that will make you laugh, think, and feel at every turn. Inspired by “The Goonies” and titles such as Earthbound and Secret of Mana, Foam Sword’s little gem tells a coming-of-age story set in the late 1980s on a (fictional) British island. Says the Knights and Bikes Steam page:

“The story features two new friends: Nessa & Demelza. They’re tough and imaginative girls exploring the island of Penfurzy in search of mysteries and treasure. Cycling around on their bikes, exploring the natural beauty of their surroundings, they experience their first taste of a more grown-up freedom. But this new-found independence also leads them into danger, both modern and ancient.”

Among other things, you’ll need to use your wellies, frisbees, and water-balloons to conquer an environment filled with dastardly enemies and puzzling challenges. You’ll have bikes, naturally, that can be upgraded with collectible treasures, and you’ll furthermore have the option to play either alone or with a friend. PS4 and Steam releases have been confirmed, but no word yet of a release date has been breathed. Suffice to say, when Knights and Bikes does release, it’ll land with an impact that rattles the indie genre and inspires hundreds of others to take up the charge in crafting newly ingenious, newly innovative, and newly beautiful types of games, like itself.