Sing to Save the World in Wandersong, Releasing Sept. 27

Embark on perhaps the most colorful and the most absurd journey you’ll set out upon in 2018 with Wandersong, an indie in development by Greg Lobanov set to launch on September 27. Wandersong was initially inspired by Lobanov’s 5,000-mile bike ride across America, and has been in development since 2016. In Wandersong, play as a bard given a quest to save the planet with song, cheerfully solving puzzles and mysteries all along the way. Says Wandersong of itself on its Steam page:

“In Wandersong you’re a walking musical instrument, and you use song to interact with everything. Different things respond to your music in different ways, so it’s up to you to sing your songs, unlock the world’s secrets and make new friends!”

We’d be hard-pressed to find something more charming than this releasing at the tail-end of September, just in time to save us from the gray-weather gloom. Look for Wandersong on PC and Switch come September 27 to enjoy a brightly-hued world full of magic, wonder, and — of course — music.