Enter the Temple in Pixel-Art Dark Devotion

RPG-flavored Dark Devotion, currently in development by France-based studio Hibernian Workshop, has all the delectable traits of an up-and-coming indie masterwork. A story trailer released for Dark Devotion in July, outlining a darkly morbid and religiously-bent world in which the devoted are drawn to a none-too-amiable temple. Gorgeous pixel art is complemented by a side-scrolling viewpoint and what looks to be wickedly unforgiving combat. Dark Devotion‘s presskit says:

“Explore and contemplate the insides of a fallen Temple. Measure your value and your bravery through the deep shadow… Dark Devotion invites you in a rich and peculiar universe. You will go through more and more confrontations. If you succeed, good job. But don’t even think that the next step will be as effortless as the previous one.”

In Dark Devotion, you’ll need to– literally– pray for your safety as you journey through a malignant temple towards your ultimate salvation. Dark Devotion is still quite early in development, and is currently planned only for a PC release. There’s no launch date as of yet, but Hibernian Workshop is quick to post updates and announcements on their Twitter account, making it easy to keep up with Dark Devotion‘s progress. You can never have too many stunning, and punishing, pixel art indies in your library.