The Fall of Winterhome is Frostpunk’s Free New DLC

11 bit studios‘ superb Frostpunk released on April 24 of this year to much well-deserved critical acclaim. It featured gripping city simulation gameplay that asked you to  save, manage, and grow the last city on earth– no matter the consequences, no matter how dire. Since its release, Frostpunk has enjoyed continued support from its developers, featuring updates that include a new Survivor Mode as well as customization for people and automatons. Now? 11 bit studios has released The Fall of Winterhome, a DLC scenario that promises to be Frostpunk‘s “most substantial update for 2018.” It’s described to be:

“…A story-driven brand new scenario, that offers hours of new content and fresh take of Frostpunk’s mechanics. Its narrative unveils the events preceding those in the main campaign and tells what had happened in the town of Winterhome just before catastrophe struck.”

The fresh expansion released on September 19, and offers a different take on Frostpunk‘s storyline. Winterhome, in the main game, is a city that’s been left long to rot in ruins. In this new scenario, you take command of Winterhome before it succumbs to despair and destruction… and hopefully save it from its prophesied end. More updates are yet to arrive from 11 bit studios– an Endurance Mode will be coming, supposedly before the end of the year, as well as a “Winter Snapshots” mechanic that allows you to take screenshots in-game.

Frostpunk is currently available on Steam for PC, and looks poised to enjoy even more updates in 2019 from its clearly engaged and devoted studio.