Lend a Helping Paw in The Kind Camomille Demo

Random acts of kindness are, in actuality, never random at all. They’re intentional gestures representing the best humanity has to offer–grace, humility, and generosity. In the same way, there’s nothing random about solo developer Xavier Moiny’s decision to craft his upcoming title The Kind Camomille. The game itself is an intentional act of kindness, an intentional deviation from the norm. Moiny summarizes The Kind Camomille thus:

“A wholesome 3D exploration game about random acts of kindness and the joy of discovery. Take control of Camomille, a kind mouse on her way to her dear grandmother 100th birthday. On a relaxing and beautiful journey she encounters people in need of a hand.”

A world blissfully void of warfare, magical projectiles, and mouth-breathing bosses awaits in The Kind Camomille. Brief and beautiful, the light puzzler is intended to last only around two hours before giving way to the real world again, where real acts of kindness can shape real lives. A demo for The Kind Camomille is available now on PC, and the full release is currently slated for August 2021.