Ransack a Ruthless Castle in Burning Knight, Out Now

The Burning Knight’s abode awaits in Russia-based Rexcellent Games’s frenetic new title. Burning Knight, released for PC on June 5, is a bullethell roguelike crammed with curious items and wicked combos. Egor Dorichev has been noodling on this procedurally generated adventure since he was 15 and describes it succinctly with the following:

“Steal everything you can and flee from the Burning Knight’s castle in this action-packed roguelike! The game features tight bullet hell, tons of items, characters to meet… and secrets!”

Loot what you can before you find the dungeon’s foes upon you. With over 500 items, nearly 300 of which alter gameplay, Burning Knight offers a nearly endless array of weaponized combos that are designed to eventually break the game. Stack the tastiest treasures to achieve high scores on leaderboards designed to spur you on to ever-wilder heights. Burning Knight is available now for PC.