Spoopy Alpha Slinking in Soon for Scary Movie Night

Tired of watching horror-movie protagonists do all the wrong things at all the wrong times? Think you could survive the terrors of the night? Scary Movie Night aims to wrap its spoopy arms around your overeager hide and drag you into permadeath abyss. In development by studio anOVERTHINKERScary Movie Night is described with the following:

“A randomly generated horror survival game with a cute, but terrifying style. Hide and fight the creatures of the night with a variety of house & funky items. Will your survive tonight? Hahahaha!”

An alpha build is coming soon according to the developer Twitter account, which means all sorts of adorably uncanny scares are in our future. Gameplay consists of challenging randomly generated rooms in different houses, plus an item-collection system that makes the permadeath less…perma. A variety of game modes looks to keep playthroughs fresh, and the spunky 2.5D art style makes everything pop–including your enemies. Run from those. Scary Movie Night is currently slated for a PC launch sometime in 2021.