Voyage Through Folkloric Islands in Selfloss, Coming Next Spring

Spinning a meditative yarn inspired by Slavic and Icelandic folklore, upcoming Selfloss promises a quiet experience of sorrow and discovery. Progress on Selfloss is currently underway with Russia-based developer Alexander Goodwin at the helm. Selfloss is briefly summarized with the following:

“Sorrow[ful] adventure of the kind old-man and his magic staff, inspired by the era of postimpressionism, in mixed fantasy setting of Ancient Russia, Iceland.”

By water or by land, trek through serenely beautiful islands populated by the supremely surreal. Your journey begins with the cry of a creature in danger. Drawn by its need, you, the old man, set forth to offer your aid. Your magic staff is the key to the world around you–both mechanically and narratively–and strategic challenges await. Selfloss is slated for a 2021 spring release for PC.