Stitch Together Sinister Secrets in the Upcoming The Almost Gone

Peel back the layer of soothing visuals to uncover a story founded on darker truths in The Almost Gone, currently being developed by Belgium-based studio Happy Volcano. In this unique adventure, your life is at an end, but you hover now in uncertain limbo–each diorama unlocks another door to your story and your fate. The Almost Gone describes itself with the following:

“Examine the intricate dioramas of your life, and uncover the solemn truth about your death in this award-winning contemporary narrative puzzle game.”

Point and click your way through five chapters of miniature, isometric scenes. Players are promised twists and turns in a story that wields unexpected and sinister discoveries about life, death, and childhood. The Almost Gone is slated to release sometime this year for both mobile and PC, and has already won a number of awards and nominations worldwide.