Sequel to the Terrifyingly Good The Forest Announced

If you, too, have spent countless hours being scared deliciously half to death by the unparalleled survival-horror indie The Forest, brace yourself. Those long hours in the evening of jump scares and desperately calculating fort construction are far from being over. Vancouver-based Endnight Games, developer of The Forest, revealed their trailer for the sequel at December 12’s The Game Awards.

Next to nothing was revealed about Sons of the Forest, aside from its definitive existence. The trailer showed a more militaristic aspect to the playable character this time around, but the general ambiance, aesthetic, and hints of gameplay shown seem to promise a true-blue sequel to The Forest in all its gory glory.

When we can see Sons of the Forest hit screens and which screens it’ll hit is unknown. Since The Forest spent several years as an Early Access title on Steam before launching there and later for consoles, it’s possible we’ll see the same thing for the sequel. Or not? It’s difficult to tell, as Endnight Games doesn’t have any tantalizing hints for us on their Twitter or elsewhere. We’ll cross our fingers for a suitably ghastly launch sometime next year.