Florian Veltman of Monument Valley 2 Releases Teaser for The Other Side

Game developer Florian Veltman of Monument Valley 2 and Assemble with Care fame is dangling yet another succulent game carrot before our hungry eyes. In partnership with author and composer Baptiste Portefaix, Veltman is crafting The Other Side, a game self-described as a “Rubik’s Cube [that] looks like a picture book.” On November 2, Veltman released a tantalizing teaser for The Other Side, showing off a small slice of its gameplay and brilliant artistic magic. Elsewhere the game is summarized with the following:

“You follow the story of a group of ghosts looking to discover who they were and why they are still here, through a family friendly tale of loss, how to deal with it, and acceptance. Navigate an intricate world filled with mind-bending yet fun puzzles, find clues about the identities of our spirit friends, and help them reach the other side.”

The Other Side is slated to be a mobile puzzle game, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed for console releases as well. Unfortunately, it’s far too early for a launch date, for as Veltman states in his Tweet: “We’re barely getting started on it, but it’s so great to see where it’s at already.” If what was shown in the teaser is considered “early,” we’re all the more ravenous for the magnificent finished product.