New Trailer Announces Voyage, a Wordless Tale of Togetherness

Journey forth hand in hand in Voyage, the cinematic title formally announced by Sweden-based Venturous on May 28. Voyage utilizes hand-painted art that evokes a sense of the strange, as well as a sense of the endearing. Designed for both co-op and single-player adventures, Voyage thrusts you into a wordless story carried by a sweeping soundtrack and a pair of stragglers intent on parsing the past. Voyage is described thus:

“Voyage is a cinematic adventure game capturing the essence of shared exploration. Whether you decide to play by yourself or cooperatively, the journey will revolve around two survivors in search for answers of a long-forgotten past. Embark on a voyage, unravel a mystery and find a way home together.”

Voyage is currently planned for a 2019 Steam release. For news, keep up with studio Venturous through their Twitter, which has logged their development process since 2015. Once entitled Yonder, now known as Voyage, this evocative narrative and its theme of togetherness finally has a full release on its glowing horizon.