16-Bit 1930s RPG Pathway Is Now Available

Pixel-icious, procedurally generated, and positively demanding, Pathway  is studio Robotality‘s recent release. For players craving some good ol’ “Indiana Jones”-style fun, Pathway is a unique 1930s jaunt that scratches that rather niche itch in a myriad of interesting ways. Says Pathway about itself:

“Adventure into the strange unknown with Pathway, a strategy RPG set in the 1930s great desert wilderness. Outwit your enemies in daring turn-based combat, raid occult tombs and make tough choices in a procedurally generated grand pulp expedition!”

Assemble adventurers in order to foil Nazi aims throughout Europe and the Middle East. Campaigns are procedurally generated and boast a variety of storylines and difficulty levels, all swathed in that delectable 16-bit aesthetic. Pathway launched on April 11 on Steam, and features publisher Chucklefish Games, of late Wargroove fame.