Let Your Curiosity Lead You in TOEM, Planned for Late 2019

Sweden-based studio Something We Made is a powerhouse made of two currently knee-deep in development on the charming puzzler TOEMTOEM promises a quirky adventure wrapped in a black-and-white sketch aesthetic, featuring puzzles to tackle and abstract characters to adore. TOEM describes itself as:

“TOEM is an adventure game, it aims to capture the curiosity of a child! Should I go left, right, who cares I’m on an adventure! Your smile, that’s what’s important to us. By wandering around in TOEM, you are provided with stories told by other adventurers. They talk about serenity, the ever gazing eyes, and the pillars up high. An aesthetic journey inside a mysterious world. Stories, secrets, and undiscovered creatures. That’s what TOEM is all about.”

Current systems slated for release are PC and mobile devices, and team Something We Made is hopeful for a late 2019 launch. Little more is known about this tantalizing title, so if you’re intrigued, keep an eye on Something We Made’s Twitter. More details are bound to see the light of day…someday.