In-Development The Wild at Heart is Wildly Sublime

Wildly early in development and yet wildly, heart-stoppingly beautiful, The Wild at Heart easily stole the stage at GDC 2019 with its enchanting illustrations. In development by studio Moonlight Kids, The Wild at Heart is an action-adventure title centering around 12-year-old Wake and his fantastical foray into a forest teeming with the mystical and the mad. Crafting, exploration, and battles are swathed in a sublimely alluring art style in this charming, upcoming indie. The Wild at Heart is described thus in its press kit:

“The Wild at Heart is an action-adventure game based around childhood escapism. Take command of a loyal swarm of magical creatures to battle enemies, construct new pathways, gather resources, and discover the secrets of a forgotten world!”

The Wild at Heart is currently planned for a PC release, but no word of a potential launch window has been whispered just yet. With the modestly sized Moonlight Kids team, split between Portland and Atlanta, at the helm, it’s likely we may be a long way out from release — but when The Wild at Heart does reach screens, it’ll undoubtedly be an exquisite slice of magic worth any length of wait.