Wield Time as a Weapon in Katana ZERO, Coming March

In development by studio Askiisoft with indie champion Devolver Digital publishing, Katana ZERO is a hurtling hack-and-slash coming to PC in March. Featuring a delectable self-described “neo-noir” aesthetic and a sword-wielding samurai-esque protagonist, Katana ZERO  says little about itself with words, and much with a swath of spectacular media. The following is stated on its Steam page:

“Katana ZERO is a stylish neo-noir, action-platformer featuring breakneck action and instant-death combat. Slash, dash, and manipulate time to unravel your past in a beautifully brutal acrobatic display.”

Massaging time is merely another method of level completion for Katana ZERO‘s savage hero as he conquers all in his path. Forge your own way forward in levels constructed to suit your every whim for mass destruction — dodge foes, ruin them with traps, or deliver the killing blows as you see fit. Katana ZERO has no finalized release date as of yet, but will at least enjoy a Steam launch when it does see the light of day come March.