Cry Commands and Customize Plans in Wargroove on Feb. 1

The return-to-retro movement is a glorious fad that deserves to live on and live strong for many years yet. Wargroove, releasing February 1, is a pixel-perfect example of why retro-reboot titles are a gift to gamers everywhere. Developed and published by lauded studio Chucklefish (co-publisher for Stardew Valley), Wargroove takes the classic turn-based formula, lovingly wraps it in retro aesthetics, and expands its multiplayer mechanics with intriguing customization options for terrains and campaigns. Says Wargroove of itself:

“Command an army, customize battlefields, and challenge your friends, in this richly detailed return to retro turn-based combat! When war breaks out in the Kingdom of Cherrystone, the young Queen Mercia must flee her home. Pursued by her foes, the only way to save her kingdom is to travel to new lands in search of allies. But who will she meet along the way, and what sinister challenges will she face?”

Tackle combat with up to three fellow players and swap handmade maps and cutscenes to your heart’s content after January’s taken its final bow. Wargroove is slated for release on Xbox One, Switch, and PC come February 1, with a later PS4 launch date yet to be announced.