Take a Tantalizing Peek at the Upcoming Studio Ghibli-Inspired Hoa

Little is known about the breathtakingly beautiful Hoa, aside from a few choice details and a brief gameplay video.  The magic of Hoa, then, is all the more evident — for with a handful of simple words and humble screenshots, Hoa startles the imagination into flight and irreversibly piques the interest. We know there’s a Twitter account, and we know there was recently a call for composer auditions that should wrap up at the end of this month. We also know the following:

“Hoa is a platform-adventure game featuring beautiful hand-painted art and a calm, relaxing atmosphere. The game tells the story about Hoa, a little girl who lost her family, and her journey through a breathtaking and magical world back to her homeland.”

Aside from this? The studio, the publisher, the release date, the launch platforms… they’re all a mystery. Hoa does admit to having its name be inspired by the director’s hometown, and it means “flower” — since “hoa” is flower in Vietnamese, certain inferences can be safely made. The director’s name is “Cao Son Tung, Ryo” per the site, and the art style indeed pulls from the Studio Ghibli aesthetic, as can be guessed. For more details, we’ll likely have to be patient for a long while to come. And for the time being, simply knowing an egg like this will one day hatch and joyfully spread its wings under a welcoming sky is enough to satisfy.