Mobile Multiplayer SKY from thatgamecompany Expands Limited Live Release

We’re so close to a full release of SKY we can almost feel the rush of wind in our hair. At least…that’s what we hope. Studio thatgamecompany (known for the genre-defining titles FlowFlower, and Journey) announced in August that SKY was “…in global Beta & Limited iOS release in Philippines, New Zealand, Singapore & Sweden.” Now? Norway is being inducted into the handful of lucky countries allowed to play first. In an update posted on Twitter on December 28, thatgamecompany had this to say:

“UPDATE: Welcome Norway! We’re happy to announce we’ve just expanded SKY’s limited live release to Norwegian players.”

Furthermore, in the same message, they invited global players interested in beta testing to sign up to participateSKY is currently slated to first hit the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV, however, and global beta testing is similarly limited (sorry, Android users).

SKY is a phenomenally promising title that has the potential to drastically reinvent the mobile gaming genre — or rather, to invent it in the first place. In a space where everything is still very much the “wild west,” thatgamecompany may do what no one has done yet: create the defining mobile title of the century.