New Trailer Live for 2019’s Relationship-Centered A Fold Apart

At the Kinda Funny Games Showcase on December 8, Toronto-based Lightning Rod Games gifted their audience with a new trailer for their fascinatingly endearing puzzler, A Fold Apart. They had this to say on their Twitter the same day, plus a link to the aforementioned trailer:

“Thank you so much @KindaFunnyVids for making #AFoldApart a part of the #KFGShowcase. Here is the video we shared!”

Planned for an appropriately romantic Valentine’s Day release in 2019, A Fold Apart steeps players in a relationship drama interwoven with familiar and relatable threads of struggle and heartbreak. Puzzle your way through a delightfully bright and luminescent 3D world with Alex and Sam, a couple slipping into the troubled waters of having a long-distance relationship. A Fold Apart‘s unique twist? Gameplay consists of what’s essentially…virtual origami. Says A Fold Apart‘s Steam page:

“After career choices force them down separate paths, Alex and Sam vow to make their relationship work despite the challenges of living apart. Though they frequently communicate through text messages, misunderstandings are inevitable and cause the characters to erect emotional barriers that physically bar their path. By folding the pieces of paper these characters inhabit, players are able to help the couple safely navigate around their relationship hurdles and find a way forward.”

A Fold Apart is currently slated for release on February 14, 2019, for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch. It promises a thoughtful experience that will linger long after you complete your final fold — and might just encourage you to pick up origami in your own life, both metaphorically and literally.