Early Access for Management Sim Good Company Opens Spring 2019

Germany-based studio Chasing Carrots has on their hands perhaps the most timely sim of the century. Good Company, currently planned for an Early Access release on Steam  in Q2 of 2019, is a management simulation title that hands players the tools to shape and evolve a business revolving around robotics. Fusing an endearingly warm and colorful art style to an 80s-styled world, Good Company is all charm at first glance — and at second, all hard work and strategy. Says Chasing Carrots of its corporate-machinery simulator:

“In Good Company you pursue your vision of designing unique high-tech goods and become a hands-on tycoon. Develop a management system that handles production, logistics, and research for you, while you forge your enterprise from a garage startup to a global market leader.”

Sound familiar? It’s a story that’s resonating around every corner of the world as new markets, industries, and technologies thrive and dominate in today’s fertile creative soil. Run your business in a marathon for success, or stumble and watch all fall to ruin in Good Company, either alone or with friends. Choose between a sandbox or a campaign mode, and between playing by your lonesome or with companions. Slated for a spring release next year on Steam, Good Company has all the makings of a management sim that, for the right player, might just devour all your waking hours.