2D Chinese Fantasy Bladed Fury Coming Dec. 18

Go for a thrilling romp through ancient China in NEXT Studios’s action adventure Bladed Fury, set for release on December 18. Boasting luscious 2D art and more Chinese lore than you can shake a stick at, Bladed Fury is the story of one woman’s journey for justice. Says NEXT Studios of their upcoming indie and its tale of vengeance:

“In the Spring and Autumn Period, a princess of Qi Kingdom escaped from the Palace. With the help of her friend, she acquired the power of “spirit” and the ability of defeating formidable evil. Finally, she accomplished the revenge. However, that was not an end… An action game set in the Ancient China, bringing players addictive experiences with its unique Chinese traditional art-style and sound design.”

Gameplay utilizes a combat system involving “Soul Slivers,” with the promised result being a fluid, albeit challenging, experience. Bladed Fury is slated for a Steam release just a short week away, giving us yet another noteworthy title to add to our Christmas indie wishlist.