Upcoming Miegakure Hypnotizes with its Dimensional Mathematics

In a brilliant example of the beauty and significance of math in games, upcoming Miegakure plays with spatial dimensions in a way that simultaneously mystifies and mesmerizes. In development by San Francisco-based Marc ten Bosch, Miegakure is a puzzler operating in four dimensions, testing not only your platforming prowess, but your ability to adapt to new perspectives, as well. According to Miegakure‘s website,

“The gameplay focuses on exploring a 4D world and the consequences of being able to move in 4D. For example, for a 2D being, houses only need four walls. If the doors are locked, there is no way to enter the house. But us 3D beings can see inside the house by just looking at it from above, and we can reach in and grab whatever is inside and move it outside the house, without opening any doors, to the bemusement of the poor 2D beings!”

“Miegakure” means “hide and reveal” in Japanese — a suitable name for an indie intending to play with multiple dimensions like so much clay. Walk through walls, traverse impossible regions of space, and become a “superhero” as the 2D world sees it in Miegakure. There’s no release date yet, but it’s currently planned for a Steam and Playstation 4 launch. And when Jonathan Blow, of Braid and The Witness fame, calls another title “one of the great puzzles of all time,” it’s easy to be similarly enthused. Miegakure can’t be…revealed…soon enough.