Demo for Norse-Themed Freja and the False Prophecy Now Open

There’s nothing like a healthy dose of promising art to get our little indie-loving hearts fluttering. Freshly released on Kickstarter, South Africa-based studio Unsigned Double’s Freja and the False Prophecy is now available to play via free demo. A hand-drawn 2D action adventure title, Freja and the False Prophecy challenges gods and monsters alike in a story aflame with revenge, discovery, and danger. Unsigned Double calls it:

“The tale of one shield-maiden’s journey. A tale of betrayal, overcoming adversity and self discovery. You’ll be the fallible heroine, Freja, troubled by a brutal past and thrust into the harsh unknown, as you traverse through the Nine Realms of Yggdrasil in search of answers and redemption.”

Freja and the False Prophecy is currently available on Kickstarter through a campaign which runs until the end of the month. If successful, it’ll be slated for a PC release at the very least, most likely for early 2022. Give the demo a go while it’s yours for the taking and make your own mark on the infancy of this intriguing indie.