Play the Original The Last Night Flash Game from Odd Tales for Free

Given the wave of summer hirings for development on Odd Tales‘s The Last Night, a 2019 release is looking ever more likely for the breathtaking break-out indie. However, since there hasn’t been any happy announcement of such a release date, you’ll have to content yourself with something a little less pristine, but no less staggering: the original. The Last Night was, first and foremost, a flash game made in six days for Cyberpunk Jam in 2014. It won that competition handily, and Odd Tales henceforth set out to mold their tiny masterpiece into a full-scale experience. The new title is described with the following:

The Last Night immerses you in the everyday life of Charlie, a second-class citizen living in a city brimming with augmentation and citizens living a gamified existence — none of which Charlie can experience himself due to a childhood accident. Apathetic and disheartened by the seemingly pointless world around him, Charlie is presented with an opportunity to take matters into his own hands. But at what risk?”

Stealth, gunplay, and an engrossing narrative experience are promised, and we know The Last Night is currently slated for an Xbox One and a Steam release, with a Steam page already dedicated to its name. If you’re dancing in anticipation for this magnificent display of pixel art, as we are, give the original flash game a go to satiate your appetite. It may only whet it, but knowing the origins of a game often leads to a more significant and meaningful experience when it does finally arrive in all its glory.