16-Bit Hazelnut Bastille Demo and Kickstarter Open Now

Currently on Kickstarter and with a month to go, Hazelnut Bastille is yet another fine specimen of the retro wave cascading across the indie genre. Boasting delicious period-specific pixel art and Zelda-inspired gameplay, Hazelnut Bastille promises a trip down memory lane that’s agreeable, fresh, and fully worth taking. A demo is available for your enjoyment, giving potential Kickstarter supporters a little nugget of the goodness that’s to come. According to developer Aloft Studio:

“HAZELNUT BASTILLE tells the story of one lone young woman who will brave terrible odds in order to retrieve something that was taken from her. She will befriend a band of Castouts and Knaves living on the fringe of the world, as she unravels the mysteries of a vast and unknowable past!”

The demo has around three hours of stand-alone gameplay that’s a reflection of Hazelnut Bastille, rather than a slice of it. Puzzles, bosses, and dungeons (oh my!) await intrigued players. The Kickstarter will run until November 29, and has been available since October 25. Given that Hazelnut Bastille has already earned over half of its goal in just three days, we think there’s a pretty good chance this one will make it to the finish line. Hazelnut Bastille is slated for a future Steam release only — for now. Godspeed, Aloft Studio. Godspeed.