Maul Monsters with Automobiles in Upcoming Dead Static Drive

Mike Blackney‘s (almost) solo creation Dead Static Drive is still in development, but its road trip to success is as hotly watched and as hotly anticipated as the road trip it proffers itself. Inspired by the Grand Theft Auto series and self-entitled a “Grand Theft Cthulhu,” this indie fuses driving, survival, and horror into one delectably and artistically frightful package. Dead Static Drive describes itself as thus:

“An existential road trip adventure game through a nightmare, nostalgic Americana world. Drive through a fictional USA, stopping in small towns, gas stations, and rundown city limits. What starts as a road trip evolves into a game of survival against a progressively oppressive world.”

The title was recently demoed at the Day of the Devs in San Francisco on October 21, but there’s no word yet as far as a release date goes. Dead Static Drive is currently slated for a PC-only launch, but it’s possible it’ll gravitate to additional platforms the closer it gets to nearing completion. Dead Static Drive has been lauded far and wide for its striking art style, and while its fans are desperate to get their hands on it, they’ll have to be satisfied, for now, with the frequent tidbits fed to them on its Twitter account.